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Henry Cheng
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Tagged by :iconsereglothiv:. Aryyak doesn't like you btw. Mostly because you made him do this. :P

A) Choose an OC.
B) Answer the questions as your OC.
C) Add an extra question and answer.
D) Tag four people please.

1. Hello! What's your name?
Aryyak. No last name. 

2. About how old are you?
103. I was born near the beginning of the Void Nights.

3. What food tempts you?
... I admittedly have a soft spot for grilled chicken breasts.

4. Do you go to school?
No. I don't think there are any schools in Skyrim besides the College of Winterhold.

5. What animal are you or most related to you?
A lone wolf. 

6. Are you straight, gay, or what?
Straight. -_- 

7. Have you hurt anyone in anyway?
More than I can count. 

8. Have you killed someone before? (Preferably human)
As above. I try not to if I can help it though.

9. What class are you? (Low, medium, high)
I was high back in the Summerset Isles. Now I'd say I'm around medium. 

10. Strengths? (Speed, strength, etc.)
I have a high resistance to disease and poison and I'm also a master swordsman. I'm also pretty good with Restoration and Illusion magic.

11. Any family?
Only my wife, Lydia. 

12. What're your hobbies?
Learning new things. I used to be a crappy swordsman until I joined the Companions and trained my ass off. Also taught me how to smith in the process. 

13. Got a crush?
With Lydia before we got together... Don't give me that look. 

14. Thought about marriage or kids?
Already married to Lydia. No kids until we decide to fully settle down. 

15. Are you female, male, or both?
CLEARLY I'm a female. Idiot. 

16. Are you human, werewolf, ghost, etc.?
A high elf. 

17. Any pet peeves?
People with a lot of ego. There seems to be quite a bit of said people in Skyrim too. *Sigh* 

18. Do you have any special abilities?
The Thu'um. And an amplified desire to punch somebody in the face right now. 

19. Any nicknames?

20. Birth defects?
I didn’t notice any.

21. Do you have a pet, sidekick, partner of any kind?
Lydia, of course! :D (Big Grin) Umm, I mean… Yeah. And I have a dog called Meeko.

22. Do you have a picture of yourself?

23. Someone stole your sweetroll?
Yes. They ended up regretting it 10 seconds later when I kicked them to the ground and broke their arm as a result. 

24. Who/What faction is your arch-nemesis?
The Thalmor. If they had their way, they'd wipe Tamriel clean of all life in a vain attempt to ascend to godhood. 

I tag (In alphabetical order):
:iconjanus3003: :iconhellomynameised: :iconsir-douglas-of-fir: :iconskyrimfan2014:

Maybe you'll handle these insufferable questions better. *Haughty Sniff* 

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  • Playing: World of Warcraft, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Warframe, The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim, Saints Row IV ... I need to get a life. 
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